1 Primary purposes, functions and the Management rights


1. The primary purposes of Management are:


1) maintenance of the state control in the field of protection of natural resources, behind observance nature protection and ecological legislation;


2) state regulation and maintenance rational using of wood and hunting resources, water objects;


3) participation in realization of a state policy concerning a wood, water and hunting economy, preservation of the environment;


4) preservation of a biological variety vegetative, the fauna, typical, unique and rare landscapes of especially protected natural territories of local value;



2. Management сarries out following functions.



Into the competence of the chief enters:


1. To define duties and powers of the assistants and heads of structural divisions of Management;

2. According to the legislation to appoint to posts and to release from posts of workers Management of directors of State Offices of forestry, their assistants, chief accountants;

3. In the order established by the legislation to encourage and impose summary punishments on workers of Management, directors of State Offices of forestry, their assistants and chief accountants;

4. To issue orders and to instruct, obligatory Managements for all workers;

5. To confirm positions about structural divisions of Management;

6. To represent Management in state structures and other organizations;

7. In cases and the limits established by the legislation to dispose of Management property;

8. To conclude on behalf of Management contracts (contracts) and to provide their performance;

9. To carry out other powers according to legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan .


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