Regulation about carrying out of competition «Табиғатымызды бірге қорғайық» - «We will protect the nature together»  of ecological drawings, posters and photoworks among schoolchilds of the East Kazakshtan region


General provisions

Competition «Табиғатымызды бірге қорғайық» - «We will protect the nature together» of ecological drawings, posters and photoworks among schoolchidls at the initiative of Management of natural resources and regulations of wildlife management of the East Kazakhstan region together with Department of ecology on the East Kazakhstan region, Department of education of Ust-Kamenogorsk city with support of the industrial enterprises, the non-governmental organizations and mass-media of the East Kazakhstan region is spent.


The purpose:

The competition purpose – ecological education of schoolchilds of the East Kazakhstan region by means of art means, formation of an active vital position in questions of preservation of the environment and the moral relation to the nature world.



1. Development of creative activity of schoolchilds in the decision of environmental problems.

2. Familiarising of rising generation with understanding of environmental problems of the present and participation in their decision at local (regional) level.

3. Work on ecological education of the population of edge on the basis of an exhibition of the best competitive works.


Participants of competition:

Pupils of general educational, art schools, schools of arts and establishments of additional education of the East Kazakhstan region can take part in competition.


The organization, order and carrying out terms:

The organizer of competition – State Office «Management of natural resources and regulations of wildlife management of the East Kazakhstan region».

Competitive selection is spent to two stages:

1st stage: it is spent on places in educational institutions (till May, 25). The jury from structure of experts of local establishments of education which leads selection of the best works affirms. It is necessary to direct the selected works till May, 30, 2016.


2nd stage: from May, 30, till June, 1, 2016 in State Office «Management of natural resources and regulations of wildlife management of the East Kazakhstan region» it is spent. From the works of jury selected on an exhibition chooses winners and winners of regional competition. Results are informed on closing of an exhibition during ceremony of rewarding of winners and winners of regional competition.

It is necessary to direct competitive materials to the address: "CES" LLC, 12 Potanin St., a 4-floor, ph.: 76-89-28, cell-phone: 8-777-428-40-80.


The maintenance

On Competition graphic or pictorial works with a slogan – the slogan or the motto, having ecological and nature protection subjects are represented. Works can carry information, forbidding, warning or index character.

Competitive works should meet following requirements:

· Art level

· Problem urgency

· Practical orientation of use of the poster

Competition is spent in two age groups: younger (7 – 12 years) and senior (13 – 17 years).

Worksare created on three nominations:

· «The surprising nature of Kazakhstan»- «Қазақстанның таңғажайып табиғатты». Themes: «The Red book of the nature», «The Earth in danger: ecological threats», «Reserved tracks: especially protected natural territories of the East Kazakhstan region», etc.

· «Kazakhstan – my native land» - «Қазақстан – менің туған өлкем». Themes: «The Earth without garbage», «Pure air and water – our riches», «As this world is fine!», «Good neighbours: the person and the nature», etc.

· «Dumb animals»- «Біздің кіші бауырларымыз». Themes: «We will help them together», «We will protect fauna», etc.


Requirements to registration of competitive works:

· Posters are represented in expanded form without frameworks and other variants of registration in the size А3, photoworks in the size 20х30 sm and drawings of format А4;

· Registration: passe-partout (framework) – 35 mm from edge of the poster, drawing in inside, the label takes place in the right bottom corner at level of passe-partout, the size 40 mm х 80 mm, a computer set font Arial №16, includes the work name, surname, name of the executor, school, grade, district, city, village, surname, first name, middle initial, last name of the head.

· The information on work and its author is represented on single sheet А4:

1. Surname first name, middle initial, date of birth of the author

2. The work name

3. Year of performance of work

4. The full mailing address and phone of the author

5. The name of the establishment which have presented work

6. The address, phone, a fax, the electronic address of establishment

7. Surname, first name, middle initialofthe headand a post of the head who has prepared the author

· The summary is applied on work (the description of a problem, possibility of its decision) by volume no more than 1 sheet.

 · One author can represent no more than 2 works in one nomination and participate in all nominations.


Theworks which have arrived on competition, are not reviewed and do not come back.

Criteria of an assessment of works

To estimation the works which are meeting the requirements of Competition underthe maintenance and registration are supposed.

Works in each nomination of Competition are estimated on two age categories by each committee-man on five-point system: level of execution to 5 points, urgency to 5 points, a practical orientation to 5 points and originality to 5 points.


Summarising of competition and rewarding

The competent jury defines winners and winners of regional competition from the best works presented at an exhibition of ecological works. Winners (1 place) and winners (2 and 3 places) Competition in each of three nominations on two age groups on the greatest score are defined. Rewarding of winners on June, 3, 2016 after an exhibition in the program «World day of environment» is carried out.


The co-ordinator of the project

the director of LINIK IB                                                        L. N. Glushkova


Operating procedure

Mon. - Fri.: 9:00 – 13:00,
14:30 - 18:30



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