In Ust-Kamenogorsk city thepublic and state structures consider a question on attraction of investmentsand grants for introduction of water coal fuel on thermal power station. Application of water coal fuel meeting modern requirements of protection of environment and economy, can be high-grade alternative to burning of oil products, gas and coal.

The conclusion of the state ecological examination from March, 2, 2015 № KZ68VDC00033961 co-ordinates the equipment design «Factory on release of photo-electric plates in Ust-Kamenogorsk city of the East Kazakhstan region».

«Kazakhstan Solar Silicon» LLP carries out activity on manufacture of photo-electric cells from silicon of solar cleanliness which are applied to manufacturing of photo-electric modules. Photo-electric modules are used for transformation of energy of the sun to the electric power.

Designed capacity of manufacture of factory - not less than 60 MW in photo-electric plates in the year, which basic volume will be delivered to the established capacity on factory «Astana Solar» for the further assemblage of photo-electric modules.


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