East Kazakhstan occupies a southwest part of Altay, the Zaysansky hollow, Kalbinsky uplands, ridges of Saur-Tarbagatay, Priirtyshsky plain and east part of Kazakh small hill.

Now the area of the East Kazakhstan region makes 283,3 thousand in sq.km. Area reaches 800 km from the north on the south (51°38 ' - 45°32 ' a northern latitude) and on 600 km from the West on the east (76°46 ' - 81°21 ` east longitude). In this territory three states of Europe such, as Bulgaria, Greece and Albania freely could take place.

East Kazakhstan borders in the north on Russia, in the east to ours the neighbor is the Chinese National Republic, in the south of border pass with Almaty, in the west - with the Pavlodar and Karaganda regions. The Ust-Kamenogorsk is the regional center. The reion is in the fifth time zone (Moscow - in the second).

The special (unique) geographical position of the East Kazakhstan region consists that it is located in the heart of the largest continent of Eurasia within its central part, on border of great plains - Western Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. A variety of an environment and resources favorably for its economic development. The East Kazakhstan lies at a crossroads of a great waterway across Irtysh and Ob, is connected by the major railway and automobile highways with the next regions of our republic, with developed in economic and cultural relations the states.

The nature of the East Kazakhstan earth is various and is in many respects unique. Contrast - one of its main features. The amplitude of a relief varies in the range from 145 m to 4500 m above sea level (mountain the White whale - 4506).

In territory of East Kazakhstan the law vertical girdle of a climate, vegetation, soils is accurately shown.


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