The modern structure of landscapes was formed for a long time therefore territory of East Kazakhstan name "The continent compressed to a limit of region".

Landscapes of East Kazakhstan are surprisingly various that speaks not only history of development of edge, but also that here have incorporated Western Siberia, Central and Central Asia. "The continent compressed to limits of area" gives the chance to visit the present "northern" deserts with musical sands, in salt semidesertic landscapes, in cereal-differently grasses and feather grasses steppes, to cross a mountain-taiga belt of nielloed woods and pine pine forests, to appear in magnificence of magnificent high-mountainous subalpine and Alpine meadows, then in a strip of mountain tundra and, at last, to rise by eternal snow and glaciers.

For area territories allocate 3 subclasses, 3 types and 20 kinds of landscapes of a flat class and 3 types, 7 height-zone geosystems, 19 geocomplexes and 37 kinds of landscapes of a mountain class.


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